Meet Dr. Nathan Berbereia

Chiropractic gave my wife her life back and is the reason I became a chiropractor. Since then I have been able to do the same for many people who have sought care in my office.

Our goal is to help your body function at 100%, so it can heal itself, maximize your performance and so you can live to your full potential.

What our patients say

  • “I chose The Source Specific because of the excellent service and results I have received by Dr. Nathan. He listens.”
    – Sally

  • “I feel that The Source Specific has a wonderful atmosphere and Dr. Nathan has made a huge improvement in my quality of life.”
    – Karey

  • “So much less intrusion to the body. I love how you (Dr. Berbereia) explain in detail each approach. I appreciate your professionalism.”
    – Diane

  • “It has changed my quality of life since I started seeing Dr. Nathan. Can’t imagine where I would be right now if it wasn’t for the treatments I’ve received. He’s the best!”

    – Collette

  • “Dr. Nathan is amazing! Several years ago I was considering having surgery on my hand for pain and numbness. I heard about Dr. Nathan and that he might be able to help it without surgery.

    After x-rays and testing he felt like he could help. He made adjustments to my neck in particular, for an injury I had sustained 15 years earlier. I went to him a couple of months and gradually my hand came back to life. Now, 3 years later I have no problems with it.

    I love that he is an upper cervical specialist, and knew exactly what to do for my situation. He explains what is going on and how he can help before he begins. He is very professional and I trust he has my best interest in mind when he makes a suggestion.

    I would refer anyone with back or neck pain to Dr. Nathan”

    – Kathy

  • “Dr Nathan and staff are amazing I would recommend the Source Specific to anyone. Dr Nathan has helped me and my kids with so many issues from migraines, sports injuries, aches and pain, to my daughters stuttering. Always willing to help in any way. He makes it easy to come in when convenient for you.”

    – Julie

  • “After living with neck problems and headaches for at least 10 years, I thought I would have to have surgery to get rid of my pain. I had been under the care of 3 different chiropractors and had to take ibuprofen daily and nothing ever helped. Luckily I met Dr.Nathan last March and he changed my life. I can sleep all through the night, think clearly and live pain free! I feel like I have never had a neck problem and it’s amazing.”

    – Leah

  • “I have only great things to say about Dr. Nathan, both personally and professionally, and for his cheerful, helpful office staff! Dr. Nathan goes out of his way to help his clients and his office is very easy to work with.

    When our 21 yr old son suffered a neck injury in the U.S. Marine Corps, we were really worried. He came home after several months of therapy at Camp Pendleton in pain and with limited movement. Because of his injury, he couldn’t have traditional chiropractic treatment and he didn’t want neurosurgery if it could be avoided. We read about Dr. Nathan’s ability to do head & neck adjustments without twisting or turning the neck. We took our son to Dr. Nathan, and after a careful evaluation and diagnostic x-rays, he gave us hope and confidence that he could help—and he did! His gentle, effective treatment corrected our son’s neck injury and also his back & hip pain. After Dr. Nathan’s treatment, an MD neurosurgeon evaluated our son and confirmed that his injury was healed. U.S. military doctors also conducted an exam and gave clearance for our son to serve in the military again!

    Seeing the huge improvement in our son, another son went to Dr. Nathan for severe back & head pain that resulted from a car accident. Dr. Nathan helped that son experience pain relief for the first time in years. I also went to Dr. Nathan for help with head & neck pain, dizziness and limited neck movement from some old injuries, and not only did I improve, but he corrected a problem I’d had for 30 years! I was not expecting that!

    Another son was rear-ended right before he was supposed to go out of state for Thanksgiving. He had a whiplash injury and his head and neck were tightening up quickly. Dr. Nathan opened his office after hours to help our son get treated immediately, and he was able to join our family for Thanksgiving and was noticeably better even by the next day.

    I’m really thankful for Dr. Nathan! I highly recommend him and The Source Specific!”

    – Julie




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