Watch and read some of the amazing transformations in health, function and quality of life from some of our very satisfied patients.

  • “I am thrilled to be able to do repetitive work with my right arm and hand without pain. I thought I would have to have to surgery to correct it.”

    – Kathy

  • “I feel that The Source Specific has a wonderful atmosphere and Dr. Nathan has made a huge improvement in my quality of life.”

    – Karey

  • “So much less intrusion to the body. I love how you explain in detail each approach. I appreciate your professionalism.”

    – Diane

  • “I had a migraine/headache for 3 weeks straight. I couldn’t concentrate on any of my work and I couldn’t sit or stand for any length of time. I had CT scans, spinal tap and other medications but NONE of them worked. I have not had a single migraine/headache since I began coming to Dr. Nathan and also noticed more energy. Dr. Nathan is very kind and sincerely cares about my health.”

    – Alyson

  • “I had multiple severe migraines weekly and stiff, sore and painful neck, constantly. I began to do less and less. I felt old beyond my years and I was depressed. My pain has been eliminated, my migraines have been greatly reduced and I can turn my head again. My attitude has improved. Depression is gone, feel more energized and participate more in LIFE! Don’t wait any longer! I don’t know why I put up with this for so much pain for so long. Get help at the SOURCE of your problems.”

    – Christine

  • “I felt lousy overall, sciatica problems, restless legs and vertigo. My restless leg is gone, vertigo is gone and sciatica problem is reduced. I FEEL BETTER…..MUCH BETTER. I was using a chiropractor in town because they were on a list given by my insurance carrier, but I was not happy because they did not listen to me. I chose The Source Specific because of the excellent service and results I have received by Dr. Nathan. He listens.”

    – Sally

“I have been suffering with vertigo and imbalance since April of 2007 when I was rear-ended in a motor vehicle accident. Over the last four years I have tried various types of therapy including traditional chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy and massage. Some temporary relief would come but the problem would return every time. I had all but given up when it was suggested to me to try upper cervical chiropractic. Then I happened upon Dr. Nathan’s office. Before my visit with Dr. Nathan, many times I had called off work because I would go into such a state of dizziness that I was nauseated and all I felt I could do safely was to lie down. My body was working so hard to compensate for the problem, that it left me lacking in other areas. Now that I am relieved from the problem of vertigo, other issues that were starting to plague me, like a depressed immune system are improving day by day. My overall energy level is increasing. I can ride my bike again with confidence and am excited to see just what else is going to improve as my body is now “righted” and can do the work it was designed to do. I am a women of faith and have been praying for healing. I thank Dr. Nathan for being an instrument for God to use to just that end!”

– Debbie



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